Is your skin feeling dull and flaky? Want to know how to overcome this during lockdown?

Everyone’s skin gets chapped and dehydrated in winter. Harsh elements like the wind can cause your skin to dry out.

A drop in humidity can also strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier and cause it to become flakey. If you have any underlying dermatitis or eczema, that will tend to flair in the winter and become quite irritable.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to liven up your skin and bring back it’s glow this winter….

1. Exfoliation is key to a brighter complexion.

  • Try the Jojoba Peeling Cream for an at home exfoliation. Invest in the Dr Spiller Jojoba spheres to hydrate the skin while removing the upper most layers of dead skin cells for hydrated, brighter and fresher skin.
  • Or the O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser powered by V8 Peptide Complex®, to physically exfoliate, invigorate and deep cleanse the skin leaving it hydrated and fresh.
  • Or go deeper with one of our Face Plus Corrective Skin Peels to promote even, controlled and accelerated exfoliation of old skin cells. Leaving you feeling fresh faced and rejuvenated.

2. LED Light Therapy is a great way to improve your skins texture and heal dry wintery skin to bring back its glow. This soothing treatment works at a cellular level and stimulates the healing mechanisms in the skin.

  • Our clinics have ‘plus light’ which is near infrared, however has a longer wavelength. Plus light is most beneficial for healing, perfect for eczema, psoriasis and dry winter skins. Our therapists can perform a combination of red and plus light to strengthen and heal inflammatory skin conditions. 

3. Skin Oils. If you’re finding that your normal moisturiser isn’t doing the trick, a face oil can replenish dehydrated skin because it’s able to deliver vital fatty acids and seal in moisture. Try our O Cosmedics NEW Vitamin C and Hemp Seed Oil. It has stronger amounts of Vitamin C (10% Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate) and the hemp seed oil is much more nourishing as a winter serum.

  • A great facial to pair with this product is the Aloe Power Lifting Skin Facial, using the nourishing and regenerative power of Argan Oil coupled with the firming effect of the Aloe Vera Skin lift powder this nourishing, advanced exfoliating duo removes all signs of dry skin and strengthens the connective tissue leaving the skin feeling Hydrated, firm and energised. 

4. Boost your skin’s moisture level with extra hydrating creams to give your skin a nice drink of water all day long. Try the Dr Spiller Sanvita Cream – packed with powerful polyphenol to visibly soothe, repair and protect moisture levels of sensitive complexions.

  • For an extra moisture hit, try our Signature Enzyme Facial Treatment, designed to gently yet effectively resurface the skin which will leave you smooth, hydrated and glowing.

5. Avoid refined and processed food and try to eat fresh, raw and organic where possible.

  • Book a session with our in-house well-known nutritionist and internationally trained chef; Zoe Bingley-Pullin who will guide you on a winter health and nutrition plan to support you in creating a healthier and more radiant complexion to keep you healthy and glowing on the inside and out.

If you are uncertain of which product or treatment is best suited for your skin type or concern please feel free to speak with us today.

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