Autumn brings rebirth!

Don’t you hate that feeling of leaving your office at 5:00pm and its dark outside? It feels like only yesterday we were watching the sun set at 8pm. For most of us 9-5ers, the weather and lack of sunlight after work has a real impact on our mood and metal state. 

They call it the autumn blues for a reason.

Here is a list of blues-busting techniques to get you through the cold months.

  1. Wake up earlier and exercise outdoors

I know it sounds ridiculous. How on earth is cutting into my sleep going to make me happier? (jump ahead to number 2 for the answer) waking up earlier and swapping the gym for a run in the park, is a brilliant way to see some sunlight, breathe some fresh, crisp air and also make your day seem a bit longer and more diversified.

Pack on your long tights and your puffer vest and hit the pavement. Only, the other week I woke up at 5:30am to run the bondi to bronte. I was shocked at how busy it was. I ran without overheating, I patted some cute bondi dogs, watched the sunrise over the water and had an overpriced coffee all by 7am. It was one of the nicest mornings I’ve had in a long time.

  1. Go to bed an hour earlier than usual

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing better than coming home, having a hot shower then changing into winter PJ’s and watching Netflix in bed.

To compensate for your productive mornings, have sloth like weekday evenings and hit the hay between 9-10pm.

  1. Learn to cook healthy versions of classic comfort food

Summer is the season of eating out and burning through savings. Just because you’re more of a homebody in the colder months, doesn’t mean you have to form a relationship with your UberEats delivery driver. It’s also not an excuse to ditch the diet.

Buy a slow cooker and learn how to slow cook meat. Trust me, it’s the easiest cooking you’ll ever do and walking into your house after work and smelling dinner, simmering away, is the most comforting feeling in the world.

  1. Plan nights in with friends

Just because you don’t feel like leaving the house, doesn’t mean you have to stop socialising. Invite friends over. Host a pamper night. Watch movies, cook dinner, drink wine, wear face masks. Enjoy your company on the couch instead of some trendy beachside bar.

  1. Use your weekends to explore

If you’re a beach bum, chances are you have a void of time to fill where you’d usually be perched on the sand. Take a weekend off and go on a road trip. Go on a forest hike, visit a vineyard, camp on the sand dunes – do fun, outdoorsy adventures, just wear more clothes than your usual swimsuit.

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