At Face Plus our goal is to enhance your natural beauty both medically and holistically.

We have designed our treatment menu to repair damage from the inside out and we are committed to sourcing the best available products.

This is where the Beauty Chef comes in. Their philosophy that ‘beauty begins in the belly’ complements our goal to achieve the ultimate in rejuvenation and wellness.

When we are healthy on the inside, we radiate a natural glow. Our treatments are focused on long term results and we regularly suggest Beauty Chef to our clients as their first step to healthy, radiant skin.

Derived by nature, The Beauty Chef’s range provides a powerful combination of Inner Beauty Powders and Boosts that focus on and repair your skin’s natural flora from the outside.

The range is developed by leading microbiologists, nutritionists and naturopaths to ensure they are as active as possible. The Certified Organic and natural Inner Beauty Powders and Boosts deliver bio-active food-based nutrient-rich, prebiotics for good gut health and skin radiance.

From the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost to the best-selling Glow Inner Beauty Powder which is a daily essential, designed to form the foundation of your Inner

Beauty Routine we will advise you on which products you need for a glowing skin and a happy belly!

Our dermal therapists and cosmetic nurses look forward to creating a bespoke treatment for you that not only incorporates beauty procedures like lasers, anti-wrinkle injections and skin peels to traditional spa treatments but also products from The Beauty Chef that will assist and enhance with your journey to beautiful, clear and healthy skin.

Our treatments are focused on solutions with long-term results that are easy to use and will achieve amazing results. The Beauty Chef contains no artificial flavourings, colours or fillers. All products are also vegetarian, free from added sugar, lactose free and not tested on animals.

The Beauty Chef is very proud to be Australian made.
So with the cooler months approaching and your skin needing that extra boost from the inside out call us today or book online at your convenience!
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