Droopy or sagging eyebrows are also known as brow ptosis.

This is when the eyebrow is sagging, causing heaviness or fullness in the area between the eyebrow and the eye.

In a male, the brows are usually located just above the bony rim of the orbit and in females the out half of the brows usually sits about 1cm above the rim of the orbital bone.

Brow ptosis is caused mainly due to aging. The skin around the eyes and of course the face becomes thinner as we age, leading to sagging.

When fat under the skin is lost this causes further sagging, especially in the eyebrow area.
It is also a hereditary feature, if you see your parents have this feature, it is likely it will occur in your brows as you age.
Drooping and sagging eyebrows can make you appear significantly older than you are or even tired.

There are surgical options to correct this feature if it is seriously impacting your vision or your health. Cosmetically, if you are starting to see the brows dropping, this can be easily and quickly corrected with muscle relaxants such as Botox & Dysport.

Some see the brows beginning to drop in their early to mid 20’s, often at this age it is too early to consider going under the knife and many opt for a non surgical, injectable brow lift.

How does it work?
Using a muscle relaxant listed above, certain muscles are relaxed around the eyes to create an overall lift in the brows.

There are muscles around the eye that hold the eyebrows down, those muscles are known as orbicularis oculi.
The injectable treatment into these muscles allow the eyebrows to be released from the downward pull and the muscles in the forehead will automatically lift the eyebrows up without being antagonised.

Patients will usually see a few millimetres in height difference, seems like a small amount but it’s quite a lot for such a small area.

More information regarding this technique can be found via our Tired No More blog.

Another technique commonly used is the liquid lift. This technique uses a dermal filler, same as you would in your lips, cheek or chin, under the eyebrow, to support the eyebrow and elevate the brows up.

The filler also works to soften the bony orbital rim around the brows, creating a softer more youthful appearance.

Not sure which technique might work for you?
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