Omnilux combination ideal for best results.

Buy 6 treatments usually $600 reduced to $480 (now $80 each) 
Buy 8 treatments usually $800 reduced to $600 (now $75 each)

Autumn is the perfect month to hit the refresh button on your skin. Party seasons in the past and your next holiday is too far away, so it’s time to detox and get your skin in glowing condition.
A little luxury that goes a long way is 20 minutes of LED Light Therapy.

Usually offered as a post treatment add on, we were inundated with requests from customers that just wanted to pop in on their lunch break or on their way home from work to get their glow fix.

LED Light therapy otherwise known in our Face Plus Clinics as Omnilux or Healite is the perfect example of where science and beauty have united to create a smart skin product.

It works by targeting specific cells which are responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skins support structure.
There are 3 different coloured light settings that target specific areas:

Yellow light: By stimulating the deeper skin tissue the yellow light leads to softened fine lines, improved skin tone and texture.

Red light: The cellular activity stimulates increased blood flow, leading to increased tissue oxygenation and detoxification. The skin will appear clearer with less fine lines, plumper and hydrated.

Blue light: Specifically designed for acne, patients will see a reduction of inflamed lesions 8 to 16 weeks following their first treatment.
The blue light stimulates the bacteria responsible for the inflamed acne, neutralising them.

The light also works to target the sebaceous glands to create an environment that is inhabitable for the growth of acne.

The lights can be used in combination during your treatment regime. Your dermal therapist will explain the benefits of the combination if suitable for your treatment plan.

If you’re overworked and need some extra rejuvenation or you have an event coming up and your skin is looking a bit lack lustre,

Light Therapy is a cost effective, no downtime solution that will have you looking and feeling your best and back at your desk before your boss has even noticed you’re gone.

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