Returning to your weekly routine can be difficult on a Monday or following a holiday period.

Thanks to Jane Iredale, Australia we have a step by step make up routine that will take just 5 minutes, you ready? 1 minute and 30 seconds This is probably the most important step. The base! Majority of your 5 minutes should be dedicated to perfecting the canvas! Read our tips here. If you’re tight on time we are smitten with the Magic Mitt by Jane Iredale. Jane Iredale, Magic Mitt, $35 Moisturise, face and neck. If you don’t have time to moisturise then opt for the Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser by Jane Iredale, $78 The great thing about the Dream Tint product is that it can prep the skin, as a primer would do and hydrate as a moisturiser would. 30 seconds Lift your complexion with a touch of blush. If you’re using a cream based blush, simply apply with your fingertips. Press and blend the blush up towards the high planes of the cheek bones. If you’re running too late, use it for your lips too! 1 minute Move onto the mascara, apply as many layers as you see fit! You’ve got plenty of time! 1 minute and 30 seconds Brow time. Brows are very important and on trend so you’ve got a little extra time to focus and deliver. Read out tips on brows here. 30 seconds You’re almost ready to go! If you’ve opted to pop the blush on your lips, you’ve finished in record time BUT these last 30 seconds is time for you to apply the finishing touches of lippy! Whether it be a balm, tint or lipstick find the right shade and product the best suit your mood, outfit and skin colour. Need tips on finding the right shade of red for you? Read here. Now you’re ready to take on adult life! For a colour matching session with one of our experienced team members:  Call: 02 8897 0000 Email: [email protected]

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