Bio-Remodelling: The Revolutionary Injectable Treatment Has Arrived

For years, Australian injectors have waited patiently for the new Bioremodeller to arrive on our shores, and this month it’s finally here. Bioremodeller has grown to become one of the international aesthetic community’s most popular treatments, winning the award for best injectable product in Europe in the Aesthetic Industry Awards.

So what is Bioremodeller?

Bioremodeller isn’t a toxin and it isn’t a filler, yet it’s firmly here to stay as one of, if not the most revolutionary anti-ageing and skin-rejuvenating treatment available on the market. It’s special composition of high concentration, ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, allows it to spread like honey under the skin once injected. It provides an enormous hydration boost to the skin after only one treatment, and stimulates the generation of collagen and elastin. After the recommended two treatments, skin is firmer, tighter, and plumper. Visible signs of ageing including crepey skin, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration and dullness are all significantly reduced.

I don’t have wrinkles. Can I still get the treatment?

Bioremodeller is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve the quality and integrity of their skin. Younger skin without visible signs of ageing will benefit from the intense hydration boost that Bioremodeller delivers, making it the perfect skin-priming treatment in the lead up to a big event, or just to enhance your daily ‘glow’. Older skin with early or visible signs of ageing (dullness, crepey skin, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture) will show the most dramatic results from the treatment.

How many treatments are recommended?

Two treatments are recommended, spaced 4 weeks apart. Maintenance treatment is once every 6-8 months, or whenever you feel like your skin needs a boost.

What are the side effects? Is there any downtime?

The Bioremodeller product has been extensively researched and is safe for use. There are no known side effects, and the risk of allergy is extremely low. It is normal to experience some redness, tenderness, and small lumps at the site of the injection, which typically resolves within 24 hours. There have been no documented cases of vascular occlusion, however at Face Plus Medispa we ensure the highest safety standards are adhered to, regardless of your treatment. It’s the perfect lunch break treatment!

How much does it cost?

The cost is $900 per treatment, and two treatments are recommended spaced 4 weeks apart .

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